Launching the LOAPC Blog

Greetings to everyone–to LOAPC members and non-members; paddlers and potential paddlers; canoeists and kayakers; recreational paddlers and aquaholics. As you might have already seen, the LOAPC website is back up on the internet, and we have a core group of volunteers (Jay Hanks, Nancy Anderson, and me) to continue LOAPC’s great tradition of leadership in mid-Michigan paddlesports.

Blogs are a great forum for outdoor people. One of my favorite things to do after a trip is to come home and read (or write) impressions of that trip from the people who were there. It lets me savor the best parts, laugh at the worst, and hold an ongoing conversation with others who share my love of the outdoors. Plus, it beats washing up all that stinky gear.

On this blog, the public can view what club members write, but only registered blog members can post comments. Registered members are also encouraged to submit their stories to the
Blog Administrator

If you’re uneasy about posting your real name on the internet, this blog allows you to post under a pseudonym, or nickname, of your choice. However, we require you to register your nickname with us under your real name. We respect our members’ privacy and do not share this information with anyone. Also, just because you register doesn’t mean you have to post. Many blog members are “lurkers” who remain invisible and simply enjoy reading the work of other members.

The launching of a new blog is a bit like launching that new boat–will you like it? Will you paddle it, or will it sit in the garage? Will it work in all kinds of water and weather? We’re just getting started on this project, and we expect that it will evolve quite a bit as time goes on. Please post your suggestions, or e-mail them privately to the blog administrator. More posts are coming soon, so check back often.

2 responses to “Launching the LOAPC Blog

  1. Greetings, everyone! This is Jay Hanks and I just want everyone to know that there is something going on on the water every month of the year. This is not new, many of the Lansing paddlers have been plenty busy keeping the hulls of their boats wet. We just need to share information about when and where we are paddling to keep things going strong.

    Stay tuned…


  2. Greetings:

    I live in williamston and paddle weekly (weakly?) with the eaton rapids paddle club. Going to monitor this site although the winter paddles may be a bit much for me. Good luck everyone and see you at the quitewater come spring.


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