Grand River Cleanup August 18

If you’ve been over to Lansing this summer, you probably noticed that the level of the Grand River is much lower than usual. The Board of Water and Light is conducting an inspection of the dam next to the fish ladder.

What you might not have noticed (unless you got up close and personal) is all the trash in the river. Big stuff–old recliners, tires, bicycles, rebar, and other unmentionables.

Yvonne LeFave of Lansing wants to do something about it, so she’s organized the Draw Down Cleanup Committee and is looking for 200 volunteers. She has 72 already–people who care about our local waterways and don’t mind getting sweaty and muddy to make the Grand nicer to look at and paddle on. They have a really cool website–check out the slide show of all the junk that the draw down has exposed. These folks are pretty well organized.

LeFave emphasizes in this Lansing State Journal Article that not everybody has to get muddy. She needs people to cook and serve food, and to handle registration and other support stuff. Check out this week’s Lansing City Pulse for a really nice writeup of the event.

If any LOAPC members want to volunteer as a group, please post a comment below with contact information (but hide your e-mail from the spambots by spelling out the @ with the word “at”), or e-mail the blog administrator at the address above. All volunteer work is being coordinated through the drawdown committee’s website at the link above.


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